Virtual Tour


o The problem

One of the sectors most affected by the coronavirus pandemic is tourism. With confinement, people cannot get out and one of the last things they will be able to do is travel or go to places where there are crowds.

One of the current possibilities to travel or go to a museum is to watch a video on the internet or enjoy a virtual walk...previously recorded.

What if we could make it more real?

o The solution you bring to the table

We propose to do virtual tourism... online and live!

With the help of some simple virtual reality glasses and our mobile phone we could connect to our friend Number 5, which is a telepresence robot located at the tourist point we want to see and it will move in the real world, wherever we indicate.

Every movement we make with our head, once we put on the virtual reality glasses, will translate into a Number 5 movement, as real as if we were there in person.

o What you have done during the weekend During the weekend we have analyzed all aspects of the proposal, developing the business case and have built the mock up. We have also made the design of the robot in 3D.

o The solution’s impact to the crisis The proposal would enable a new line of business for the tourism sector, allowing it to earn income during confinement.

On the other hand, the confinement is beginning to be difficult for many people who used to spend a lot of time on the streets and now want to get out as soon as possible. With this type of tourism, they could live the experience of being on the street walking or in a museum again.

With this type of tourism, they could live the experience of being on the street walking or in a museum or an emblematic square again.

o The necessities in order to continue the project For the continuity of the project we will need funding for the construction of the robot.

o The value of your solution(s) after the crisis

After the pandemic, this would be a new line of business for tourism focused on people who cannot go outside. Whether they are older people with walking difficulties, people who must stay in hospitals for long periods of time, people with disabilities which do not allow them access to certain places...

On the other hand, it would also allow to obtain income during the hours in which those tourist points are closed to the public or the affluence of people decreases.

This proposal arises to help the tourism sector, but it could be used in many more sectors. Perhaps a first visit could be organized to the house of your dreams that you are wanting to buy...

What's next for VirtualTour

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