When coming up with possible ideas for a hackathon project, one thought struck us. Why is it that learning an instrument is so difficult for many kids and beginners? When I was learning piano at 6 years old, I always felt bored with the repetitive style of practice needed to master a just single song. When we looked at a game like guitar hero, we saw that there were so many players that spent years learning how to master the game because of how fun it was to, and had the form down to a science, yet they couldn’t play a real guitar. If we could combine the fun of playing a game like guitar hero with the life skill of learning how to play an instrument, we knew that we could have a great product for the hackathon.

Therefore, we created Virtualso, a guitar hero-style game that is not only fun to play, but also teaches kids and aspiring musicians how to play an instrument. The amazing part about Virtualso is its versatility. The game can be adapted from piano to piano, as it mainly relies on object recognition of blue markers on the keys to detect keypress and key release events.

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