We're building an incredible immersive real-world experience by combining Oculus with the virtualME robotics platform. Anyone can travel the world and truly experience distant and even 'out of bounds' locations without physical, time and travel cost limitations. The virtualME robot picks up the sounds and sights - it will follow your motion - so you can be anywhere the robot is.

Imagine being able to log into a robot at NASA at night, moments before a rocket launch - watch it fly into the sky in real time. For seniors, even from a nursing home they can join in with daily fun with the Grandchildren - see and hear what they are experiencing.

Ideally, we will have at least one, if not more, virtualME robots at the Pan Am 2015 games this summer - everyone will be able to log in and see sports up close - like the swimming or diving from a seat on the pool deck!!!

Built With

  • crosswing-virtualme-robot
  • mpeg
  • oculus
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