I work for a live event production company. We do over 200 events a year, all across the US. When Covid-19 caused live events to cancel for the entire year, our company was faced with a difficult reality. Instead of giving up and shutting our doors, we decided to pivot towards virtual events. Organizations need to get their messages out and have been forced to find virtual event platforms. While there are many platforms out there, many of them can cost more than our clients can afford during this time and they do not generally have production people to execute the events. My goal is to provide people with a way to get their message out without breaking the bank. One that offers great value to everyone involved!

What it does

Virtual Attendees will be able to:

-Watch live stream content -Watch on-demand content -Join interactive workshops using 3rd party systems -Chat with other attendees across the website and never lose their connection to others -start discussions on Forum -Create & Join groups with other attendees -Share files such as PowerPoints, PDFs for Poster Sessions, etc. -Go to the arcade during breaks -Search and filter exhibitors, presenters, sessions -Add exhibitors, presenters and sessions to their interests/favorites page so they can customize their experience -Pay to become exhibitors and showcase their products -Sponsor events and have exclusive real estate within the platform -See which sessions are happening right now!

How I built it

As a complete novice, I started with many of the already great modules included within Wix such as the forum, groups, pricing plans and chat. As I became more excited about the project, I paid for a Corvid course online and started developing more custom features such as search, filter, wix queries.

Challenges I ran into

API's are above and beyond my skillset at this point and have been the most difficult thing to overcome. I was unable to connect some of the other video platforms in such a way where users do not have to log in on these 3rd party solutions. I plan to continue to learn how to accomplish this.

I had difficulties learning how to supply User ID analytics with Google. It would be helpful to know if John Smith attended a specific session and how long he attended it. This would be useful for many associations that provide CE credits.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am very proud of the overall functionality of this platform, regardless of my limited skills. I have shown it to many in the industry and they believe it is a fantastic option. I see a great future in helping companies get their messages out.

What I learned

I learned that Wix is a very robust system for virtual events. It really has everything organizations need to provide an engaging experience. As a production company, we learned that what we do from a production standpoint is also a critical element. I learned that I love working with Wix and want to know more.

What's next for Virtualized Events

The company I work for has always been very good to me and it has been difficult for them to lose every single live event for 2020 and beyond. As there is much competition from other virtual event platforms, I want to help our company be a one-stop shop for customers, bridging the gap between the production and platform.

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