There are various experiments in the world. Some experiments are difficult or dangerous to do and can not be done in real. But in VR, you can experience safely. Also, it is possible to prepare the pseudo environment. Moreover, it's enable to experience the failure one. This solution provides more kinds of experiments in educational places.

What it does

This solution provides you a simulated experience of chemical experiments. It provides you the virtual experiments that is dangerous.

How we built it

Amazon Sumerian, amazon-polly

Challenges we ran into

We were pestered by the effect image of an explosion of rocket, because The type of particle is small.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We achieved to build a VR content that provides the virtual experience of chemical experiment.

What we learned

What we learned are how to make VR application using Sumerian, how to share scene, how to the jesture of hosts, how to show/hide entities, how to take in original models, how to the restarting of scene.

What's next for VirtualChemicalExperiment

We are going to link HMD and Polly etc., to be able to get more usability for example dialogue.

Built With

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