For the past few months I've been working as a secretary in an educational program for gifted children. Due to Covid19 we had to find a way to keep the business moving and make sure the kids have a safe and healthy learning environment. My boss asked me to be creative and figure out a way to keep the kids social and happy. So, My way of staying social is through social networks like FB, WhatsApp, Instagram ect. What about building a safe social-network for kids? I've never used Corvid or wrote code before, but i did use wix many times in the past few years. So i'll give it a try.. why not?

What it does

Imagin a colourful, dynamic virtual world, packed with educational games that change daily. A world for inquisitive Hebrew speaking children (3rd -9th grade) from all over the world, in which they can use a dedicated and safe platform to learn, communicate, connect, socialize and have fun together. NO NEED TO IMAGEN! This is real and it's happening right here! A variety of fascinating lessons will take place daily, taught by our experienced teachers’ team in virtual classes. Moreover! Each and every child can create their own personal profile, find other children with similar interests, to share, comment, respond and connect with children worldwide.

How I built it

for about a month and a half i spent 14 hours a day building and designing the site i had in mind. I used corvid forum for help in code and i spent hours learning JS on my own. As I got closer to my deadline I found a very talented woman who helped me out with the more difficult code. Every day I add a new feature and improve my website.

Challenges I ran into

Well, There where some challenges BUT nothing that I couldn't figure out with the help of Dafna and my dad (a proud wix saba). One bug we found that that pretty messed up our opening day- but who cares?! it was so succesful :)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Oh Wow! in a personal mater- I had the best time speaking with my dad every single day about something that i never thought we will have in common lol/ I am pretty damn proud of myself for the whole process.

What I learned

I learned CODE! i learned that almost anything I want to do on my WIX website is possible. I learned PhotoShop and many other softwares.

What's next for virtual world

We had the best first week using the site and we have 5 more to go. This platform is gonna be used all year long by kids around the world.

The site is private and closed to anyone who is not a member.

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