During this pandemic life has not been the same as it used to be earlier. Everyone might have been tired of the lockdown and definitely looking forward to experiencing the scenery and ambience of all their favourite places. However we wanted to be a responsible citizen and follow the social distancing norms, but how could we rejoice in nature? Well we have a solution for it.

What it does

With this app Virtual World one can experience the ambience virtually and get all the info on their smartphone without having to travel physically. Get to know the place better and prior. This is a great experience everyone definitely wanted to explore. All the missing birds sounds, nature mode can be experienced through this app. Are you ready to explore the virtual world, then do check out this app! Virtual World.

How I built it

The technology Virtual World app is build using Flutter. We tried to keep the app simple. We used audio player to create the background and flutter_swiper to show off the scrolling effect of images.

Challenges I ran into

There were quite a few challenges I faced while designing the UX of this app. And majorly the app is data driven, collecting all the datas for rendering was quite challenging. However it was fun participating in this hack.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am happy to have inspired to find a way to create an ambience and virtuality of places we missed travelling these days. With this app anyone who misses the fun of being around with friends or their favourite destinations they could experience the same with the virtual mode.

What I learned

Definitely it was a great experience developing the working app from scratch. I was able to explore few of the libraries flutter do provide and made a crisp app with great UI.

What's next for Virtual World

We definitely don't stop here and have thought of creating bunch of features like adding live tour videos, panorama photo viewer, interact lively with your friends and plant the destination. definitely we have a lot of things in store.

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