I went to Twitter Flight(Twitter Developer Conference) this Wednesday and watched their Twitter Mention Network Demo. Since People are connected by social network and real world, they just draw this interactive map for virtualize relationship with each other.

In fact, knowledge is also connected and related in Language Study, Engineering and Science. Education should not be isolated by its major. English is my Second Language and I really want to address a way for foreign language study. It would be a good example to put all knowledge into relationship graph.

So, we just create the iOS App 'Virtual Word' to VISUAL DICTIONARY with THESAURUS by INTERACTIVE LEXICON.

What it does

The Virtual Word is an interactive dictionary and thesaurus which creates word maps that blossom with meanings and branch to related words. Its innovative display encourages exploration and learning. You'll understand language in a powerful new way.

Say you have a meaning in mind, like "happy." The VT helps you find related words, from "cheerful" to "euphoric." The best part is the VT works like your brain, not a paper-bound book. You'll want to explore just to see what might happen. You'll discover -- and learn -- naturally and intuitively. You'll find the right word, write more descriptively, free associate -- and gain a more precise understanding of the English language.

Why WE use MyScript API

Our App is aimed at kids who are learning language, he may not know how to use a real dictionary, and it could be useful for brainstorm. The handwriting feature is human friendly and could be of great use for practicing Handwriting.


(1) Handwriting Recognition with Myscript API

(2) Search the word and its synonyms are presented as a graph.

(3) Drag a word node to the center of the graph to promote it to the root

(4) Shake your phone for random word

How I built it

I used Myscript API to do the handwriting recognition,

Challenges I ran into

Reading Myscript Sample code is definitely helpful but painful, because I don't like to read other's code.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I made it happened in 24 hours....

What I learned

Myscript api, Cluster point, Twitter Fabric

What's next for Virtual Word

Probably publish to App Store?

How to test Virtual Word

Use test link below to sign up the test access, I will add your iOS UDID to get access. Don't use iPhone 6S to test... iPHONE 6 and below are prefer.

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