We were inspired by a realization that communicating visual ideas remotely is very difficult without drawing enabled devices. These devices can be quite expensive and niche so many people don't have them. Our project aims to solve this problem using AR to create a virtual whiteboard that people can use to communicate visual ideas, make presentations, and work together more effectively in quarantine.

What it does

Our program uses computer vision to align the virtual whiteboard on a real world surface, it then communicates with its server hosted on Google Cloud to sync the current diagram with other users and performs a perspective transform on that diagram to make it look as if it were placed in the real world.

How we built it

Python, OpenCV, and Apriltags

Challenges we ran into

Learning the necessary OpenCV computer vision functions in order to accomplish our job.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works very well for projecting a 2d image into the real world.

What we learned

Using OpenCV to do perspective projections as well as hand detection using Haar cascade machine learning.

What's next for Virtual Whiteboard

Better Hand Detection Tagless 3d pose detection Better networking

Built With

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