Eden is currently investigating the history of the Maycaster Estate, and wants to hopefully find clues on the disappearance of Nora Maycaster.

Unique Style

Game style: Realistic [life like art style] and Stylized [easier shading, higher contrast in lighting]. The point is to create a style that looks like an old photo: Abby Jurassic Dark (3D not 2d) 1916 Der Unbekannte Krieg

Essential game mechanics: (Makes a unique experience)

  • 3rd to 1st person switch function to reveal messages, and information.
  • Interactive and Center cursors
  • Jump scares
  • Simple timer mechanic (You have x amount of time to complete this visit before something terrible happens)

Post your Score

If you run out of time then the dark entity catches you and it is game over. Score determined by how long it takes you to collect all of the Spirit Orbs in the level. If you don't do it in the required ten 10 minutes you lose.

The game should be a relatively short experience to allow more detail in the visuals. We chose a mansion because at this moment, everyone is focused on asylums, hospitals, and prisons; allowing this experience to be unique as well.


Eden starts the game in 1st person view.

  • Tap the touchpad to swap between Eden's look (white) view and the interactive (red) cursor.
  • Press the back button to go to Eden's 3rd person view.
  • In 3rd person view, tap the touchpad to move the Arrow (representing Eden) around.
  • Tap the touchpad while looking at the Arrow to enter 1st person view where the Arrow is at that moment.

P.S. Thank you for playing our game. We hope that you enjoy the puzzles we put together. And as always, please vote for us!

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