After a successful last year at UGAHacks, we decided to stick with the theme of helping people better themselves physically we wanted to keep continue promoting physical well-being in peoples everyday lives. We noticed that a lot of people struggle with the entry into the workout world though, so we decided to tackle this problem. Being at the gym for the first time and seeing professionals working out can be intimidating, and getting a personal trainer can be an expensive commitment, so that is the exact problem we set out to solve.

What it does

Introducing TrainAR: The device-agnostic, easy to use personal trainer that can help anyone learn how to correctly work out and get started with their workout career. TrainAR evaluates your personal needs and designs a workout around your goals. When you get to the machine, a TrainAR QR code will allow you to see how to use the machine in an augmented reality world where an instructor will lead you though how to use the machine. After the workout is done, users can rate the difficulty of the workout session and an algorithm will adapt future workout sessions to optimize workouts.

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