Therapize: An Overview

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Despite this, mental health across the globe has been in steady decline due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so many have turned to online therapy for help. Unfortunately, many of the current options are plagued by harmful subscription fees and set rates, which are substandard for the therapists themselves. Our app, Therapize, empowers the therapist to set their own going rates and options for sessions, improving a vital service during these very uncertain times.

Our Inspiration

The platform, Talkspace, has had poor feedback from registered therapists for poor pay and unreasonable expectations, with many complaints explaining how the therapist’s diminishing connections with users stem from a move towards uniformity within the app. We believe that a step towards individualism would simulate the connection that a therapist and their client would have in-person, pre-quarantine.

What does our app do?

Our app aims to provide a reliable platform for both the user and the therapist. By allowing therapists to set their own hourly rates as “independent contractors,” we have enabled them to form sincere connections with their clients, rather than being forced to meet a certain word count or work extra for the same amount of money, improving the quality of quarantine therapy. Our application also provides peer-to-peer connections between the client and therapist, preserving privacy and improving efficiency.

How we built the app

We built the app through an iterative design process involving the testing and tweaking of various components. We used Flutter with the Agora SDK for video calls, applying it as a core feature within our app, and connected it to Firebase.

Project in Review

What were our challenges?

At one point, the Agora repository reference was having issues with iOS, which we eventually worked around through extensive testing. Additionally, we were challenged to assign unique channel IDs to individual users took a longer time to implement than other features.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re extremely proud of creating a useful app for the current global situation, because mental health is a seriously under-addressed issue, especially during this global quarantine. We didn’t settle for simply a basic UI, but rather created a unique experience for each user that makes them feel at home, using various UI elements for iOS and Android and enabling a dark mode within the app. As a high school team, we’re also proud that we were able to accomplish such an ambitious idea with a potential to impact so many people in just a 24-hour time period.


  • Best Name Registered with for this Hackathon: MUSKLOVES.SPACE
  • Disclaimer: Please note that the individuals shown in the demo are placeholders and are not necessarily users of our app.

What's next for Therapize?

The next phase for Therapize would be registering as an LLC so that we could process payments directly through the app.

Download our app!

If this idea interests you, scan our QR Code or click the link in the description to download our app and try it out for yourself! We will be standing by today, May 24th from 11am-3pm within the app demo to answer questions about our app!


The iOS download link does not work. If you would like to try our app on an iPhone please send me your email through either texting me at 3104631095, emailing me at, or messaging me @Ben_Swerdlow no the slack.

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