I've been on Sproul Plaza countless times and always love seeing all the clubs lined up passing out their flyers! I want to recreate this iconic experience online--allowing clubs to maintain their creative spirit and pass out flashy flyers, and keeping all club recruiting information in one place so students don't get lost :)

I entered the community challenge because this project is all about building and sustaining the best part about Cal--the community.

What it does

Allow students to find clubs, keep track of infosessions, application deadlines, and applications. AND - allow club leaders to advertise their club for free, and with little to no effort. There's demand on both sides for this website!

How I built it

Flask backend, React frontend (React is new for me), with ReactHooks, some SQLAlchemy in there

Challenges I ran into

I had to learn about how to store user state in the frontend, as that concept was new to me. I'm proud to have figured out how exactly one creates a React/Flask login (there were no tutorials out there for what I was trying to do!). It was challenging to do a solo hack because I had to balance my time between design, debugging, frontend and backend--all in one day. I am tired but proud.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I believe I prototyped a website students will be using in the Fall at Berkeley. This can also be extended to so many campuses, so I am excited by the possibilities.

What I learned

I learned a lot of React, a lot of frontend design, and I learned that you don't need coffee to stay awake all night--you just need (what you think is) a really good idea.

What's next for Virtual Sproul - letting students flyer for clubs online

Continuing to build this out, then pitching to clubs, then finally releasing it for students to explore!

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