Virtual Sensory Suite is a virtual reality experience designed to provide people with various brain disorders the opportunity to feel familiar emotions and recall memories from their past. Using the Samsung Gear VR, people, users can travel to The Arctic, The Beach, or The Ranch. In these environments, there will be ways to interact, such as picking up objects, moving to different areas, and changing the time of day. All you need to know is how to use the touchpad on the side of the device to do these things. Along with immersive visuals, there is unique audio to further invoke such emotions. I've developed several virtual reality experiences, but never something that has the ability to change people's lives. However, with Virtual Sensory Suite, I am confident that I will accomplish this very task. For example, let's say you are married to someone with Alzheimer's disease. They have forgotten many things about you. You wish they would remember just one thing, to know that they still love you. You have this crazy idea to put a virtual reality headset on them and let them experience Sensory Suite. You hear nothing from them for 30 minutes, until finally they start to smile. They take off the headset, and start singing you your favorite song. You're in tears. This is the kind of impact sensory integration therapy can have on people. With Virtual Sensory Suite, you will be able to feel emotions that you wouldn't be able to feel on a regular basis which can have a huge effect on your emotional state as well as your cognitive ability. This is just a very early prototype of an idea that I will be expanding upon after the jam!

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