I am a visual artist from Texas based in Buenos Aires and what inspires me is to create art/art experiences that are not only meant to attract the art audience but everyone. I like to work with unconventional materials so it was easy to see Spark AR as a medium to create art. I used blender to build the “Virtual Sculptures” (3D mesh objects .glb files), and I placed the files on Spark AR. I didn't had any issues with Spark AR, it was really easy to use and creates the effects. I place my “Virtual Sculptures” in the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires, in the National Museum of Fine Arts of Buenos Aires, and in PROA using a target tracker. The challenges that I’m still facing is that is hard to promote it. I don’t have the necessary tools/money to tell everyone that my art is placed there. I’m proud that a number of people that are not necessary interested in visual arts have massage me to find out how to access the “Virtual Sculptures”. But still I have a long way to make it accessible for everyone. My plan is to place more “Virtual Sculptures” In other Fine Arts Museums. Also to make it profitable, the sculptures can be for sale. for example although the spectator can see them for free via Facebook or Instagram effects we can sale the 3D .glb sculpture (the sculpture is mine, blender doesn't own the rights of what I create) and take it off publicaly (take it off from Facebook/Instagram effects). We can place it on the space of the owner (curate it, another service) after that they can do whatever they want with the sculpture ( .glb file) even print it.

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