In present COVID-19 scenario employees are facing huge pressure on keeping their work-life balance. Most of the institutions moved to a work from home model for the sake of employees, but on moving to this model, institutions are facing challenges on effectively managing their workforce.Traditional management platforms and in-house reporting methods such as keeping Excel reports are now become tedious to an extent. Maintaining this type of reports remotely is a burden for the employees. So, if we can consolidate these traditional platforms and excel reports to a single window administration, where we can efficiently effectively and economically manage those data, that would be beneficial for both employees and organizations.

What it does

VRM moves the data to a centralized system and handle through a single window platform. With centralization we can adapt to better DATA ANALATICS and Effectively manage resource time. It has a quick and meaningful dashboard which provide an entire overview status of employees according to their role. People managers and reportees can assign projects and different task according to their roles. Also, they can Generate Reports from the data available on the system. We can also push notifications to group of employees to provide any updates. Effective calendar view which helps them to plan their time offs.

How we built it

With a high-level design thinking approach and using modern architecture we have integrated different resource management module and added provision for future integration of external and internal API’s.

Challenges we ran into

Getting Access to employee data and integrating to our system.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are planning to implement this to our team from next calendar year.

What we learned

Design thinking, deep understanding of GitHub, LINQ, Entity Framework, MVC and API exposure for different platform integration.

What's next for Virtual Resource Manager

As a future scope we can consume API’s of different platform and integrate to our system. CRM outlook, Microsoft insights, LinkedIn are a few. Our system can Combine different type of reports, and thus analysis of data will become simpler.

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