Coming to CodeRoosevelt, I wanted to make something that I could have fun with. I've had Strategy in my mind for awhile. so I used this hackathon, which wasn't as focused on competition, to make it. Made in c# and Unity, the game displays a grid --or war map-- in front of the player. The player then, using defenses such as tanks, airplanes, and nukes, fights of the opposing foe. The player does this by gradually taking bases as their own and then stealing their enemy's. However, the player must do this through a series of strategical thoughts and actions. For example. to take a base, it must be weakened and then invaded with ground-troops (tanks); but it must be taken into account that the planes fly faster than the tanks move, so you would want to send the tanks first, and then the planes -- if you want them to arrive at approximately the same time.

Good luck and happy hacking!


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