I got this project from my college side and was challenged to complete it within 3 days and that challenge inspired me to complete this project in time.

What it does

It is a use case for the new employee at the petrol pumps. Where the trainee is trained about all the safety guidelines while working on the petrol pump. The user is trained with the use of the latest new technology i.e., Virtual Reality. The user is trained about the step by step process of filling petrol or diesel. Proper sound and visual warnings are provided for the user to avoid the mistakes in real life.

How I built it

I used 3ds Max to make 3d model of the petrol pump station and all the assets like the filling machine, fire extinguisher etc. Then they were exported in a specific file format which the Unreal Engine supports. Then they were imported in the Unreal Engine Version 15.3 and the required code was done. The code was done in the form of Blueprint Scripting. The project was made for the HTC Vive hardware but can support other hardware too.

Challenges I ran into

Time period was the major challenge i faced in this project. The deadline was given of 3 days. Although we had such a less time we managed to complete it on time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Completed the project in the given time with maintaining a constant frame rate of 90fps.

What I learned

I learned how to work in a team.

What's next for Virtual Reality Petrol Pump Simulation

I am going to make it more realistic as the Virtual Reality is totally based on the real user experience.

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