The original vision was to mess with visualizations in VR, because we time management experts figured these types of projects would be the most interesting and usable project within a short time frame.

Our goal was to make something fun, invigorating and visually entertaining. We all enjoy a listening to music on a quality pair of headphones, but we wanted to take that experience further by enhancing it in a very different way.

What it does

Select the music of your choice, and wear the Google Cardboard. Look around as you are surrounded by an infinite amount of stars, dynamic sound amplitude bars, and perlin noise waves. Watch the visualization change pace as it detects a beat.

How we built it

Using Unity and the Google Cardboard API.

Challenges we ran into

Performing signal processing, messing around with audio in realtime, detecting beats, performing an FFT to get all the amplitudes for each frequency, interacting with the Cardboard and the equalizer bands in an effective and intuitive way. A lot of other things we're probably to tired to remember.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built something that's fun to use. We learned Unity. We built something.

What we learned

How to: Unity Google Cardboard Making an equalizer, visualizer, and perlin noise waves

What's next for Virtual Reality DJ - Immersive Audio Mixing

Making it into a full fledge DJ suite, where you can drop virtual objects that act as sounds into a box that will mix audio. Adding more features and releasing it on the Google Play Store.

Virtual Reality DJ was developed by Akash Khosla, Alexander Mai, Alex Chew and Marko Ritachka.

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