We were inspired by the health tracking functionality that FitBit gives their users and the nostalgia that the Tamagotchi virtual pets give their users. We wanted to mix the nostalgia with something new to create a fun way to motivate users to keep up with their daily steps.

What it does

Visit and take care of one of ten virtual pets as they help you reach your daily goals. Each day you will be visited by a new pet; take care of them by feeding and playing and making sure their hunger and happiness meters are satisfied. To feed, achieve a certain amount of steps to get food for your pet and increase the hunger meter. Play with your pet by selecting the play button, which will increase the happiness meter. Be careful not to let your happiness or hunger meter get too low, or your pet will get sick! Remember, pets get tired too and need to sleep, so make sure you keep up your steps!

How we built it

We created the pixel art for all of the FitPets using Pixilart and Piskel. We created the functionality using FitBit Studio (SVG, CSS3, JavaScript).

Challenges we ran into

We came across various limitations with our selected platform. Fitbit Studio does not allow applications to run while the app is not open. To resolve this issue we kept track of the date and time since the app was last opened by the user. Using this information, we tracked how much time had passed since the user had last opened the app, and performed calculations based on this information. In addition, Fitbit Studio offers a limited range of designs for buttons. Due to this, we had to alter our initial designs to work with the limitations.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned how to use Fitbit Studio and created the app all within the hackathons hours without any prior experience. In addition, our artist created amazing art for our virtual pets that we could not be more proud of.

What we learned

We learned how to coordinate with a team and successfully divide tasks, and coordinate ideas with a team of developers and non-developers. We gained experience with methods used to thoroughly test code as well as merging code between different developers. In addition, we learned our way around Fitbit Studio, which helped us adapt to working in a brand new, fast-paced environment.

What's next for FitPet

Features we would like to add in the future would be the ability to keep the food earned from your steps the previous day when the pet is changed at midnight. We would also like to add a currency system and the ability to select what type of food to purchase for your pet. Instead of earning food from your steps, you would earn currency. We would like for pets to be around for longer than a day, as well as adding more pets to add variety to the application. Ideally in the future, the happiness meter would be filled up by reaching your daily goals in order to motivate the users to reach their goals. We would also like some animals to be more rare than others, giving the user a sense of accomplishment when they are visited by a rare pet.

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