The team wanted to develop an application for virtual reality and for the myo armband since they had never tried it before. Inspired by a demo in the HTC vive tour that involves painting, the team wanted to see if they could achieve the same effects using the myo armband and Unity.

What it does

The application tracks the movement of the myo armband, allowing the user to "paint" on a virtual canvas by waving their arm while wearing the armband. As the user waves their arm, the object tracking the movement will move along in the application. The object leaves a trail of color as it moves, leaving the effect that the user is painting. The trail disappears after 5 seconds.

How I built it

The team used the Unity engine and the myo armband and sdk to build the application. First, the team synced the myo armband with the laptop via the Myo Connect application and then map the myo armband to the mouse. Unity can detect the position of the mouse and therefore the position of the myo armband. We created a gameObject in Unity that moves along with the myo armband position. Then we added components such as a trail renderer to it which gives it a trail as it moves. We also created two white planes to serve as the "canvas."

Challenges I ran into

Originally we planned to make this an immersive virtual reality experience by adding a head-mount-display component such as the Google Cardboard to view the Unity application. However, we run into problems with having the phone sync with the armband in one app while the unity app runs on the android platform. Unfortunately the team had to abandon the head-mount-display part of this project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Since this is the team's first time developing for the myo armband and many team member's first time using Unity, the team is proud that they accomplished the painting application.

What I learned

We learned features of Unity such as adding components like the trail renderer to objects and learned to use the myo sdk.

What's next for Virtual Paintbrush

If the team had more time, the team would add features such as mapping certain gestures to control the brush size and brush color.

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