We talk with Alexa, It is time to see her. More Realistic and more Immersive Experience.

What it does

Talk and See Alexa*. Visit Virtual Museum with her; she will be your guide. More then 1500years only of the Egyptian History. Virtual Museum contains information about Egyptian Rulers from the New Kingdom; 18th Dynasty (1550 BC) until the 31st Dynasty (332 BC). It also include the Argead and Ptolemaic dynasties (332-30 BC).

How I built it

Alexa skill, aws Lamda, Unity, Node.js.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Now, I can see alexa* and talk to her :). With Alexa AI, the natural language speaking and this application, you can feel that Alexa is a real person to have a conversion. Not a Robot.

What I learned

Alexa Skill and aws Lamda.

What's next for Virtual Museum

More interaction between Alexa skill and Virtual Museum Unity app.


  • Virtual Reality version is available upon request for immersive Experience: for HTC vive.
  • Certified Virtual Museum Alexa skill at link
  • Download the unity app from the link bellow.

  • Disclaimer: The 3D character in this application is from my own imagination and does neither relates nor represents by any mean the Amazon Alexa trademark.

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