Ever since I was a child, growing up going to the food bank almost every week, I developed a passion for service as my family moved to a more comfortable income. My junior year of high school, I took a chance to give back to my community as much as possible and so I ran for Lieutenant Governor of New Jersey's District of Key Club International--the largest student-led volunteering organization in the world! As Lieutenant Governor, LTG for short, I have to act as a liaison between multiple high school Key Clubs and the state/district board as well as host various service projects across my division. But recently, as my emails to club officers like Presidents and Vice Presidents became more frequent, so did their questions. And so I implemented Twilio's Autopilot and API to a program to answer the questions the most FAQ I get each week!

The chatbot essentially replies using Twilio's "Natural Language Understanding" platform through Autopilot to answer commonly asked questions, like when Fall Rally (which is the largest gathering of Key Clubbers in New Jersey and one of the biggest service events for the state!) is or when Regional Training Conferences are. It is mainly to ensure that all officers have the necessary information they need at their fingertips so there are no barriers between them and the amazing world of service.

Following guides provided by Twilio themselves as well as a bit of my coding experience, I created a virtual environment with Python using Anaconda. From there I implemented Twilio's API as well as Flask so that any regular phone number could text my Virtual LTG! I also linked the same webhook to Twilio's Autopilot service, this service actually enabled me to make it so that the bot was able to interpret and reply to the most frequently asked questions about Fall Rally, bussing, and Regional Training Conferences (RTCs)

Using Twilio's custom language to program the tasks that its Autopilot would complete was a challenge because of how difficult it was to use.

I'm most proud of the fact that the bot is competent enough that one of my officers who texted it said: "Wow, I can really see this helping once you update it some more!"

I learned that having an automated chatbot is something that almost everyone can have access to.

I hope to spread our Virtual Lieutenant Governor bot across the different Key Club Districts, not just New Jersey, and hopefully speak for Key Club International.

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