We noticed that many students are distracted during regular online school and physical school is not an option because of covid-19. So we decided to make a virtual reality learning app that combines these to learning styles in a more efficient and safe manner.

What it does

Virtual learner will be the bridge that connects online learning and physical learning by putting the students in an immersive experience which simulates learning in a real classroom.

How we built it

The tools used for the development of the application were Unity and C# and for the models/design, we used Blender. While making Virtual Learner we also considered using other themes as a sub-theme, we identified healthy care and environmental sustainability in our app as well.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Making the menu page to enter the class code, this was a problem for us because we couldn't turn of the VR just for the menu page and turn it back on for the class.
  2. Setting up photon voice was also a challenge for us because we made a silly mistake, we forgot to enable transmit.
  3. Syncing the white board was a problem, The white board was only editable for the teacher and only the teacher could see what was being drawn on the white board but the students weren't able to see what was being added to the board.
  4. While exporting the 3d models most of them were getting exported with the textures that were added it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Even though our white board isn't syncing we are proud of making a functional whiteboard the the teacher can use and be able to draw on it.
  2. We solved our problem with the proximity cat and were solve are silly mistake.
  3. We are proud of using functional models and syncing their animations to work for our app.

What we learned

We now have a better understanding on multiplayer concepts and how to implement them. We have a better understand on 3d modelling as well.

What's next for Virtual Learner

We are planning to solve all our current problems that we are facing such as syncing the whiteboard for everyone to be able to view it and to turn of VR for the menu screen. Virtual Learner is a good idea but we weren't able to reach the peak of its capability in the education field.

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