I was developing an AR app which helps mechanics during the maintenance process with animations and I was trying to add a virtual assistance feature so that they can get a help from someone expert.

What it does

The sample app renders a 3D engine model in AR and video chat object (plane), the app can help mechanics to learn about an instrument with the help of virtual assistance so that they can perform task easily. we are using The OpenTok Playground for using the video chat feature.

How we built it

It is made in ARKit in Xcode and uses ToKBox API for video chat features.

Challenges we ran into

Was trying to use it with Unity and IOS as unity as more interactive 3D interface compared to SceneKit but later moved to Xcode and IOS.

What we learned

integrating SceneKit and TokBox API with the help of the sample project here

What's next for Virtual Help

It will be great if we can create a Unity 3D plugin of ToKBox API so that it can be easily integrated into more AR apps and cross-platform.

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