Halloween: As most of us are dealing with COVID-19 we've had to miss our most special events. However we as a group decided no one will miss Halloween. We decided to build a website. A Virtual Halloween website which would offer people to experience the same fun as an in person Halloween.

What it does

Currently nothing, it was supposed to provide rankings for scary movies and many other festive activities, but getting this thing to run on Heroku turned into a disaster. On the local host, it had a tenetive conection to a local cocroach db node that was being used to experiment with. When it was moved to heroku, everything that could go wrong did go wrong. And most of the progress that was made was commented out.

How we built it


Challenges we ran into

We started by using node.js to write the backend in javascript. This was moderatly successful, we stubed out some paths, and then began the attempt to incorporate the roach. This proved a more daunting task than it seemed. First was the issue of choosing whether to sign up for a free trial, or download cocroach db onto the local machine. Due mostly to inexperience, this became the winning option. This proved to be a fatal mistake later on when we learned that the downloadable version was not intended for use on a virtual server. In short, we stubbed out a backend, we made small progress with cocroach db, and then we wasted to much time fighting a losing battle and did not complete the project. Heroku bested us, and the project remains only operable on the local host.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

staying awake and We are proud that we got a chance to build a website that a user can interact with. We are proud that users can enjoy Halloween in the comfort of their home without risking their lives or others.

What we learned

cocroachdb does not play nice and The most important thing we learned was that working together with each other can increase our creativity and productivity efforts. We also learned some time management skills, start early so you can finish on time

What's next for Virtual Halloween

sleep and We aim to add more movies in our collection, add more quizzes and jokes by which user can not only share with their friends but also can challenge them in quizes .We aim to make our website more responsive ,update the interface which can give a better user experience. We hope to add another section for a Halloween scavenger hunt in which people can find hidden Halloween treats.

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