My inspiration was our lockdown, when all people had to stay home and be safe. Businesses had lost their money because nothing was working but artists had perfect opportunity to show their work.

You only need phone and Instagram account. This virtual gallery is a filter, it is possible to place it in a room, scale and rotate, after that - welcome inside.

I built it using Spark AR Hub and using Blender for 3D assets.

To fine art which fits all design.

I am very proud of this project, because it looks realistic and usually people use IG filters only to change colors or make skin smooth but this kind of project helps people, it is fun, it is AR and there is not much proper galleries like that. Also, people don't know that it is possible to walk inside, turn around and everything is in your room.

I think my next project will be something similar. I want to make a frame which would be possible to put on the wall and upload pictures from phone gallery, also through IG.

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