More and more people prefer the comfort of their own home when shopping. Online shopping expanded from books and music to electronics to garments and shoes.

But how do you 'try in on' while shopping online? How to avoid the hassle of having to return merchandise that just doesn't look as good on you as it did on your 10-inch screen?

Now you can! With Virtual Fitting Room app and Epson Moverio BT-200 Smart Glasses you would put them on, open the app, snap or upload a flattering picture of yourself to your profile (or just your head if you are only shopping for scarves and hats) and start shopping.

As you browse through the items on your screen you can virtually try them on, superimposed on your picture, almost as if standing in front of a real mirror! Turn around, sideways, get those virtual angled mirrors to show you the whole 360 degree view. Our software will make sure the garment looks realistic on you by applying smart algorithms to the image. Best of all, you can control the whole fitting room process with your eye movement; look left and you will see yourself from the left angle, look right and… you get the picture.

Save your best fits, share them online via your social networks, discuss, invite friends to try, become a real online fashion aficionado.

And make sure you keep this app secret from your kids during Halloween time, or you won't be able to pry those Smart Glasses off their heads until every scary outfit has been thoroughly explored!

Note: this description is a concept only; application is to be developed.

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