We remembered our days of playing Wii Fit at home. We thought, "What if we can make this a more convenient experience?" This coupled with the pandemic keeping us all inside, led us to create this safe and accessible way to work out.

What it does

The Virtual Fitness Trainer is a web-app which helps guide your work out. The app shows the user how to perform various workouts through easy to follow visuals so you know that you are doing them correctly and with proper form.

How we built it

The AR technology is provided by echoAR's backend management. Their site hosts our models and deploys them to the web-app. The models themselves were created using blender and open source resources such as Mixamo and BlendSwap. The website itself is hosted through Google Cloud Platform’s Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

Initial problems came through refining the idea down to one actionable item, especially because of the time constraint within a hackathon. In addition, so many of the resources we used in this project were new to us. We had trouble using echoAR and Firebase upon starting, but eventually figured out what we needed to do.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned the basics of Blender in a short amount of time, and got our model to show up in AR! Doing that the first time was exciting. This is the first time any of us have hosted a website in Firebase. Figuring that on our own was also quite fulfilling.

What we learned

As mentioned above, we learned how to host a site on Firebase, how to deploy echoAR in a web-app, and how to create models in Blender.

What's next for Virtual Fitness Trainer

In our next updates, we want to add more fitness workouts (pushups, situps, bicep curls). In addition, we want to use computer vision to enable advanced coaching and ensure that the user performs each workout with the correct form. In addition, enhancing the UX experience to make it easier to start a workout would be looked into further, alongside finding and making better models to display through echoAR.

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