My startup, Pitchproof, creates virtual events for designers. We thrive ourselves on creating experience-driven events. We know that the platform that hosts our events should be apart of the experience itself- from the on-boarding to the live chatting.

The problem with 'All in 1' Virtual Event platforms out there is that they're not built to customized. They use a cookie-cutter template and expect you to fill in the gaps. We don't like this approach.

Every event is different, and should have the functionality to add features that haven't been done before! That's why I created this platform within Webflow.

What it does

The goal was to make the platform as interactive as possible. It wasn't just about hosting a live stream on a website- it's about creating an experience.

The current MVP has the following features;

  • Membership signup
  • CMS Feed updates
  • Global commenting system
  • Integrated Youtube live chat + stream
  • CMS Event scheduling
  • Functionality to create your own schedule
  • Built-in networking rooms.

How I built it

I started by using Whimsical to wireframe the UX. Once happy, I created the high-fidelity in Figma before exporting the assets to build from scratch in Webflow.

Integrations were my best friend. Here's what I used:

Memberstack: For handling gated content + memberships JetBoost: For CMS Item Favoring VideoAsk: For the video survey in the on-boarding process Hyvor: For global commenting system iFrame: For integrating browser-based video meetings

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge was creating interactive features within the platform such as emoji reaction's to feed posts.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

JETBOOST IS COOL! JetBoost has been amazing for adding that extra level of interactive activity to this platform.

What I learned

I love learning about new integrations with Webflow! It really highlights the power that the no-code community has these days!

What's next for Virtual Event Platform

Here are a few goals for a future version of this platform:

  • Virtual Expo Space
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Speaker Profile + Search Directory

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