We were very inspired by the idea of the old Nintendo game called Nintendogs where users essentially interacted with a stimulated dog. Now, being college students, it is not plausible for any of us to suddenly adopt a dog to take care of, even though we all very much adore dogs. So we decided to create a virtual reality where users can interact with a VR dog! It's all of the fun of a dog with none of the responsibilities!

What it does

The VR dog functions like any sort of simulator pet. Using head motion, the dog can sit, run, play with steak, etc.

How we built it

We used Unity to build our app and played with the different functions, prefabs, assets the game engine has to offer. In addition, our team used C# to make the motions of the dog.

Challenges we ran into

Voice control is a hard application to process and implement and it is something we are still struggling to use. Furthermore, none of us has used Unity before so it was a new construct we had to learn.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Because none of us used Unity before, we are proud that we were able to learn and use it in a short amount of time. Moreover, a teammate took it upon himself to learn C# to activate the motions of our dog and teach us how to use Unity using TortoiseGit.


Dog Model by umask007 found at and by extension and

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