Who we are

We are Virtual Dog, an application that helps blind and handicapped people commute.

What it does

We have created an app that helps blind people detect objects/people that are in front of them. The app will communicate with the person via voice, every time the app encounters a person it will say ”there are people ahead”. The fall feature of the app will detect if a person falls and will notify their emergency contact.

How we built it

We use react native to build the app, Plus expo.

Challenges we ran into

The backend member of our team quit, then as a group of front-end programmers we had to learn the backend and implemented it by our own, which was unsurprisingly challenging. Building a react native app without much experience. Our idea is technical challenging, and hard to implement, but we did our best and finished the app on time.

What we learned

We learned many important skills such as team communication, team building, team management, coding, frontend, backend, and many other skills.

What's next for Virtual dog

We would like to continue to work on this app, and upload to the app store so people in need can use this app for free. we believe this app will change peoples and the way they use technology in their day to day life.

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