The application would make users interact with a dog( maybe beagle) like they are naturally interacting with one. The dog would respond to the interactions of the user.The response would be in the form of barks , tail movement, running to fetch things etc.The user can get attention the dog by making noises like whistling and even playing with their hands gestures to do stuff like throw a ball.The dog will behave like a normal dog and would have to fed and do stuff with occasionally to survive. The use: 1)Some people are scared of dogs ,hopefully this app will tell them how good dogs can be. 2)Many families cant keep dogs because the children in the house have allergies to dust and hair;through this app they can virtually enjoy a pet.

Story [maybe added or maybe not according to time ] : Mr Samantha needs to travel a lot for her work and has to shift her home after every year. Therefore she bought her only kid Edward a dog to keep him occupied at new locations while shifting .


Age of dog before he/she dies (taking average) : 12 years

Number of environments : 6

Time spent by dog in each environment : 2 years

[Demo will consist of only 1 environment]

Environment name/types :

1) Near Farm (Imagine the game flower)

2) Sea Side

3)Beside a park

4) Near the woods

5)Snow Mountain

6)In a street/ near skateboard ring

What you can do with the dog:

1)Take it for a walk[currently developing]

2)Play with it [ ball or some other objects]

3)Feed it with the food of your choice

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