Inspiration for Virtual Doctor

During the COVID-19 pandemic, both of us have have become accustomed to talking to our doctors via video call. We have had multiple experiences with these virtual appointments that have highlighted the shortcomings of video-based communication for health consultations. After being in a bike accident, one of us had a difficult time communicating their pain levels and areas to the doctor, when it was difficult to gesture to all pain areas in the limited field of view of the webcam - Something that would not have been challenging in real life. We realized that virtual consultations were missing an additional visual form of communication to fill the void of physical gesturing and examination that is commonplace for in-person visits.

What it does

We developed "Virtual Doctor", an online video-conferencing application, which allows patient and doctor to communicate with the help of a human avatar. Both patient and doctor can interact with the avatar to communicate areas of pain or discomfort and areas to hold a smart phone to for recording videos or pictures.

How we built it

The front-end has been build with React and Antd and is served by Next.js. For the rendering part we used Three.js and integrated it to React using react-three-fiber. Twilio was used for the video chat feature. For teal time interactions firebase real time database was leveraged.

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