PROBLEM: Courts are closing around the world due to the COVID-19 crisis and this will deny access to justice to millions of people and businesses.

It means that the wrongfully accused are losing the ability to prove their innocence, child custody remains in limbo causing irreparable emotional distress, and businesses requiring court authorization or adjudication face even more barriers to economic activity.

Judges are calling for technological solutions. The justice system is already overloaded and cannot handle months of delays.

There is currently no easily accessible Video Conferencing solution that protects the procedural rights of the parties guaranteed by law – the right to privately communicate with counsel during the hearing, the ability to object to evidence, encryption of the proceeding to protect privacy, among other things. Our solution makes sure that justice is served at a distance and is customized to the needs of the judge and the parties.

SOLUTION: We're building an easy to-use virtual courtroom to bring justice to your living room. These courtrooms can be used well beyond the COVID-19 crisis to increase the efficiency (and capacity) of courts around the world to see cases to trial and reduce backlogs that have plagued justice systems globally.

Technology offers the best opportunity to protect all parties involved and preserve human rights & justice during this time of crisis and beyond. It also lifts yet another barrier to economic activity.

By making our virtual courtroom available to all justice systems globally for free, we can protect public health and safety during this outbreak, while preserving law & order.

We would welcome the opportunity to partner with technologists, lawyers and social entrepreneurs to bring this service to everyone, in every corner of the world as quickly as possible.

Thank you and stay safe,

Howard Cohen & team

FYI - for testing the POC app: App URL: Passcode: 9445229943

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