There is a lack of ways to view reliably how clothes look on a person's body.

What it does

It promotes products from brands that affiliate with us to customers to where they can view the AR models of the clothes and products and purchase these products if they like them.

How we built it

We built it using Flutter for our Front-End and NodeJS + Express for a backend which we deployed to Cloud Functions.

Challenges we ran into

To put it simply, the 3 members in dev team faced significant challenges. The member who was proficient in Flutter who was going to lead the team in development could not run Flutter at all for an entire day on Saturday, and as a result, could not contribute at all. Moreover, the other 2 members did not know flutter and had to learn while building the app. Therefore, the whole process of development was extremely challenging

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building the app itself is a great accomplishment. We are also proud that the app smoothly retrieves products firebase and updates the products and other information in the app.

What we learned

We learned about Flutter and UI design as well as how to make AR filters with Spark Ar.

What's next for Virtual Closet

We will keep learning and develop features we couldn't have previously developed such as full body tracking to show shirts and pants in AR

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