The nation-wide lock down induced by the risk of the Pandemic has led educational, Government and Private institutes resort to Video Conferencing platforms, at an unprecedented scale. Within a matter of months educational, government and private institutes of entire states have adapted, learned and operationalized online training sessions within their eco system using Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, Zoom, Google Meet and alike. Though these organizations are leveraging online conferencing software packages, they are finding it difficult to build an MIS (Management Information System) driven operational model, which will help them schedule, track, monitor, and analyze all the online sessions that are taking place across the organization.

What it does

The Solutions helps the Principal’s / HOD’s office to:

  • Schedule Virtual Classroom sessions and send invites to Participants automatically
  • Join any online live session, to check how the classes are being conducted
  • View statistically driven reports to see an overall view of all the sessions/

It lets Teachers and Trainers to:

  • Schedule Virtual Classroom sessions and send invites to Trainers and Participants automatically
  • Send automated reminders to students who have not yet accepted the invite for the session
  • Check Assignments, and submit Grades to each individual student
  • Avoid capturing attendance manually

It lets Students:

  • View Daily, Weekly, Monthly Class schedule
  • Join Virtual Classroom sessions
  • View Grades, Important Announcements, Holiday Lists, Exam Schedules

How I built it

VCM is developed as a Teams application. It is accessed from the navigation menu of MS Teams. The entire application is built in .Net framework and it makes extensive use of the MS Teams SDK, and Microsoft Graph API. The application is hosted in MS Azure and used both IaaS and PaaS offerings from Azure

Challenges I ran into

Since the Audience of this app would be primarily be Students and Teachers of schools spread across both urban and rural india, the challenge was to deliver the purpose of this solution with a Easy User Experience.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

In the current uncertain times, the strong dependency on video conferencing for all educational institutes is irreplaceable. In response to this situation, PC Solutions in its capacity, wanted to contribute to Microsoft’s vision of enabling these institutes to impart knowledge to their students using the best of technology possible. The need of such a solution was inevitable and PC Solutions ideated, developed and delivered the solution while the problem statement is still prevalent.

What I learned

I learned the power of MS Graph API. The power of MS Teams, when augmented with Graph API and MS Azure.

What's next for Virtual Classroom Management

We are planning to develop few more features in VCM, that enable chat based enquiry of classes scheduled. Including Power BI dashboards inside the solution, using Power BI Embedded Service

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