I serve on a school board and I'm deeply involved in education; I'm also a computer engineering major. Therefore, I wanted to help make a solution to currently existing cyber charter schools.

What it does

My VR Classroom allows a student to put on the Oculus Rift and be transported to a virtual classroom, complete with desks, computers, and most importantly, a chalkboard. This chalkboard is able to be written on using the Leap Motion. The reason I decided to implement this feature is because A) Science has shown that writing something down helps you learn it B) Getting up and moving is a vital issue that cyber schools face and C) It allows the same sense of possible embarrassment to students as the typical classroom today.

How I built it

I found Leap Motion examples from the scenes they included and created my own based on them.

Challenges I ran into

The laptop from MLH that I was using has issues with supporting the Oculus. Therefore, I had to have a different person test that build. Additionally, I had to troubleshoot inaccuracy with the hands from the Leap Motion, which was due to the Rigidbodies attached to the student's character and the hands.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of the accuracy of the handwriting and how it is simple to use and pick up.

What's next for Virtual Classroom

The next step is to add networking to have multiple people in the classroom. This is simple, however, due to Unity's networking library. Then, I would work on position tracking via Bluetooth triangulation to have the user physically walk in the classroom to once again avoid that issue that cyber schools have.

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