Original Idea

The project started off as a math visualization tool. I've never entirely appreciated the graphical aspects of math, so I decided to make an interactive tool in Unity for the Oculus Rift to help visualize different mathematical functions and equations.

What Actually Happened

After spending the first few hours tweaking the math functions, I couldn't think of what I would add in the long term. So instead of wasting time, I thought of more subjects I could tackle and bring into the virtual space. It quickly became an entire virtual classroom with a few different subjects to explore. This gave me more freedom to think of different ways of providing educational information and still offering some level of interaction.

Surprise Team mate

About halfway through the hacking, Israel encountered some technical difficulties and decided instead to help me polish the experience with the time we had left. We were able to get wonderful, robotic, text-to-speech voice overs for each room in the classroom.

Target Users

Anybody interested in learning! But it was made to specifically augment the traditional classroom environment by offering an interactive component. Its unfeasible to fly every classroom in the country to Rome for a history lesson, but with virtual reality, everyone can stand inside the Roman Coliseum.

Key Features

  • Full audio and visual immersion. The sound and voice make a huge difference.
  • Extensible project. Adding more content would be very easy with the way the project is set up.
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