The basic idea of the app is to create a platform where a student enrolled in same class can interact with each other by asking questions, sharing the online materials, and setting up the study sessions. For those who do not like going to class will no longer miss the courses covered in the class as they can ask question by setting up a study session with fellow student (Sometimes stranger) in a click.

What it does

  • Allow user to ask questions.
  • Questions will be displayed to the students who are currently enrolled in the same class
  • Users can answer others question if they know the answer. If the question does not have relevance to the class, user can dislike the question.
  • Start a new study sessions.
  • When ever a user starts the new study session, all the students enrolled in same class will be notified. Those who are free at the time of session can join the study session.

How I built it I used android platform to develop the application. I followed the guidelines of google material design while developing the User Interface. I also used the parse library to store and retrieve the data from the database.

Challenges I ran into

  • Learning how the google endpoint architecture works and migrating the database form google app engine to the local SQLite database was one of the most challenging aspect of this project
    • Accomplishments that I'm proud of

      Was able to design an attractive User Interface using the RelativeLayouts, Recyclerviews and Cardviews. I am also glad that I was able to make a basic functioning app learning a new technology.

      There is always something to learn

      1. Lesson learned: Use libraries as mush as you can!!
      2. Learned to design a custom UI closely following the google material design guidelines
      3. Learned the basic architecture of google endpoints
      4. Working in collaboration with other people who are driven by similar passion and interests was one of the most valuable skill I developed over this weekend! Thanks to Vandy Hacks
      What's next for Virtual Class

      The application is not completely built yet. The study session feature has not yet been implemented. So, I will be constantly working on the app to make it more attractive, efficient and useful. Also, currently the questions are displayed to the users who are enrolled in same class in same university. In later versions, I am planning to allow users to share the questions among the users who are taking similar courses in other universities too.

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