Create a Virtual reality using Amazon Sumerian. Amazon official YouTube page have done an important part for this creation.

What it does

It's a virtual host , Christine. She can respond to the questions asked by the user through text or voice commands.

Press and hold the SPACE bar for voice input and use the text box for text input and press enter key.

she can tell the following things: 1) Greeting user 2) Weather Forecast 3) Text Translate 4) Tell jokes 5) Country capital 6) Country currency 7) Country language 8) Today's date 9) Current time

How I built it

Create a Cognito identity pool With the help of Amazon Sumerian created a virtual environment, added a virtual host to the scene, connected to Amazon lex to give replays. Lex contains AWS Lambda functions to generate responces and uses Amazon DynamoBD to store Static replays.

Challenges I ran into

Study Amazon Sumerian Lex Lambda State Machine etc

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

it's just a sample VR but am proud that i did this and i will keep on studying Amazon Sumerian in depth and create more complicated VR/ AR projects

What I learned

Amazon Sumerian Services on AWS

What's next for Virtual Chatbot Host

Create a Pre-School learning app for students , study shapes, maths(addition, multiplication table,subtraction) , quick exams etc.

Built With

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