Hi, we are David Grey and Joao Alqueres.

David is the CEO and founder of Gran Gran, a startup focused on creating solutions for elder citzens. Alongside Joao, Alexa Champion and Founder of Iara DIgital we developed a skill to submit to this challenge in what, we believe, is the single most important thing right now for elders.

With the covid pandemic, we have seen at Gran Gran that the majority of senior citizens have adopted a reclusive life and have not yet returned to normal life, specially regarding social events.

Experiencing the reality of many senior citizens, David have witnesses first hand how mental health can improve with social habits with peers, and this is what we want to achieve with this skill. We want seniors to be able to independently browse local events and organize in a way that the voice assistant can help them select, attend and stay connected with the community.

We are using the events from "The Villages", the largest retirement community in America for the Florida region. The London events are hosted by various community groups and charities. We believe going forward that we can establish a close relationship with event directories to keep the skill fresh and personal for many users. We hope that as time passes, we can build a better database and generate better recommendations for users, give them the chance to organize before the event and stay in touch after the event.

We build everything with the knowledge of David Grey of senior citizens and how they would interact with the app. We hope the solution gets to as many as possible senior citizens and that we can grow for several new cities.

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