People like to dance, but they're often embarrassed to do it in front of other people until they've achieved a certain level of proficiency in the dance. This game offers a fun virtual reality solution to improve your dancing skills in the comfort of your own home!

What does this do:

This is game allows you to practice your basic ballroom dance footwork and track how well you do at. You will actually move your feet to dance and move through out the world

What tools were used:

This game was built using Unity3D with C# scripts and special hardware: 2xMyo wristbands, 1x Oculus Rift.

What problems did you encounter:

I had to recover my OS multiple times from Oculus Rift crashing my system, I struggled with the Myo API's and bugs in Unity3D, and I struggled with using Unity3D. I had never used any of the previously mentioned technologies before, or C#. My partner lost faith in me and dropped out of designing a nice ballroom world for the game, so it's now a simpler solo project.

What did you learn:

Using all new technologies, APIs and tools was a huge accomplishment for me.

I learned how to use all the above technologies and tools.

What's next for Virtual Ballroom Dance:

Virtual Ballroom Dance now needs to contain a world where you can practice many ballroom dances and not just Salsa. It could also have a pretty scenery and custom tempoed music, and beat-matched footwork.

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