Team Members

  1. Prakshal Jain (Freshman)
  2. Swastik Naik (Freshman)

"Project VTP" is a code name for our project, which cannot be disclosed. It is an initiative to create a system that would generate ease among the busy people of daily life. It will be a help to all kinds of people everywhere.

It will also help people in dealing with issues that require physical appearance to transform into just a touch of a click-through your PC's and mobile phones and your iPad's.

This Project is a revolution in its field. Its entire service cannot be revealed at this moment. Well, its a revolution within.

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posted an update

We will soon be developing an Android application for the same. The application will be more versatile consisting of more options and better user interface and will be able to handle both sides of the project- Client and Doctor (Server). Thank you for your interest.

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