Virtual reality is a blooming technology. It has a bright future regardless of which sector we may use it for. From medical training (holographic human body analysis) to entertainment. Particularly for me, its more of an accessory that I believe one day our civilization may be obsessed upon like the television and internet.

What it does

This app is capable of closing the border between the real and “supposed to be” scientific fantasy world. This app uses the concept of both Augmented reality along with Virtual Reality bringing use one step closer to a different kind of holograms. This app intact is much more superior at what it does than the $4000 Hololens. While Hololens thrives on its projector in the side of the lens and with a very narrow field of view. This app opens up the world of virtual and augmented world in a way which makes it way cheaper alternative than its counterpart along with many other possibilities that ranges from virtual observatory to confidential information transfer in the form of hologram.

How I built it

Using Unity, Vuforia, Google Vr, Android Sdk and along with the support of google cardboard this app was designed in a way that opens up the world our own world like virtual reality along with augmented reality being turned in to accepted reality. For a while I had to work with the different aspect ratio of the object file respective to the surface and the target photo being properly detected by the camera. The connection and proper conversion of apk files took many trials due to rendering and processing speed of the app. Finally it took me 25 hours to achieve a successful prototype.

Challenges I ran into

The hardest part was setting up the target image and detecting it. The problem was discovered after 3 hours of brute-forcing. The image used in the creation of target image file has significantly lower resolution than the one printed which led to the recognition of the app become sloppy and sometimes undetectable. Getting the app to work on VR cardboard wasn’t easy. Due to the coagulation of pixels and many other rendering errors and bugs, the output achieved from the simulations(which were perfectly normal) were drastically different form the ones in my android device. The object, most of the time, was hovering half a meter from the point of target image and sometimes was no where to be seen. This was fixed to relocating the image points my changing the co-ordinates.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is my first hackathon and I can’t believe how hard I have worked for this and finally completed my hack. The first day I was planning on an entirely different hack regarding fingerprint and security but I got in to deep trouble when I realized that hardware collection has fingerprint scanner but not the modules that are absolutely necessary for it to be even used. I had almost given up. I had little, almost none experience in apps development but I started learning the whole concept and idea from scratch slowly. Finally when I realized what I could do with VR hack, I pulled all nighters until I could present something worthy of this hackathon.

What I learned

This whole week has been very educational. I recently bought macbook and realized how easy it is when I can use terminal in mac, run vuforia exclusively for making augmented reality and on the other hand how I had to pay to use macbook version of adobe 123d catch and windows one was free but most importantly how two finger swipe across the touchpad cost me my whole night of writing a different version of this essay/cover letter. All jokes aside. I learned a lot about app designing, use of different api, learned how to deal with bugs in apps development . Nonetheless I learned about many of the technologies that I never knew existed like galvanic vestibular stimulation.

What's next for Virtual-Augmented Reality

This projects is merely a prototype compared to the future this idea has. With the upcoming technologies capable of photogrammetry will give rise to higher quality obj file/3D file which if incorporated in augmented reality using camera vr which confuse anyone about what is real or what is fantasy. People can actually see their wildest dreams bring a new era in our society.

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