This project is made to replicate the working of standard Automated Teller Machines or ATMs used for banking. According to Investopedia:

ATMs are convenient, allowing consumers to perform quick self-service transactions such as deposits, cash withdrawals, bill payments, and transfers between accounts. Fees are commonly charged for cash withdrawals by the bank where the account is located, by the operator of the ATM, or by both. In our project, we chose to resimplify by redeining the experience of an average user. Here's why:

  • Your time should be focused on creating something amazing. Not worrying about your privacy and bank account all the time
  • You shouldn't be doing the same tasks, over and over like entering your PIN, or Password.
  • You should element DRY principles to the rest of your life :smile: Of course, no one service will serve all purposes since your needs may be different. But at this project, we have tried to serve at our best. This project can:
  • Add New Users
  • Change Your Password
  • Change Your Pin
  • Add Balance
  • Withdraw Your Balance
  • Check Your LIVE Balance any time
  • Signout and Signin anytime without closing the program
  • Complete security

All your data is saved in a single JSON file, so that you don't need to worry about the loss of your data ever Again :wink:

Built With

The project is made with the most simple techniques and tools.

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