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today all concerts, festivals, conferences, fairs and other events have been canceled all over the world or postponed to an indefinite future

a huge hole was never seen in history in the world art, music, etc. market

I propose to create a streaming platform VR, AR, video360 etc allowing all these events to occur in the virtual world at least until it is possible to physically organize these events

VR gives us the chance of "almost physical" presence, participation with many cameras, many audio channels, etc.

a platform that allows artists, concerts, festivals, media and recipients / users to be present around the world with "almost physical" presence / participation in these events

I am looking for all interested persons, artists, designers, programmers, developers, representatives of festivals, concerts, markets, media, startups, mentors, sponsors, etc.

I am looking for everyone who can help realize this idea

I'm graduated from the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy, I worked also at the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Economics

more like 30 years of experience in IT, ITC, multimedia etc. software, hardware, electronics, audio, video etc. audio-video processing & transmission, graphics, sound, video, teletransmission etc.

huge experience in organization of events, trainings, conferences, forums, trade shows etc.

huge experience in organization, transport, logistics, delivery and distribution of goods and food

good knowledge of virology, epidemiology, medicine etc.

I worked for the Norwegian & International Red Cross, where I was a member of a team of several hundred Red Cross volunteers writing and building a program to alert about diseases in 190 countries of the world (in every country in which Red Cross operates)

I worked & organized (many years) the biggest festivals, concerts, events fairs, sports events, conferences and in many programs for startups...

I worked (many years) like stagehand, steelhand, rigger, scaffolder, climber, host, VIP host, VIP guide, photographer, photo, media, guest guide, security, guard, producer, organizer, distributor...

Many years of experience in media, multimedia, VR, AR, IT, ICT, TV, radio, graphics design, marketing, advertising, PR, logistics, security, etc

My specialty is solving problems before they appear...

I speak English, Norwegian, Polish & Russian

please contact me:

Tom Xavier tel: +47 98643885 email:

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