Virtual Alphabet

Virtual Alphabet is a learning game made by Joe Freedman, Alex Lambert, and Noah Hirvela at Spartahack 2015, a Hackathon at Michigan State University. It combines the use of Gamemaker and Myo Armband. It makes for a hands free alphabet learning tool that feels more like a game. There is local high score table that requires no internet. The best part about Virtual Alphabet is the fact that the user gets to have fun by playing the game and won't even realize they are learning at the same time!

To play:

  1. Open Myo Connect
  2. Connect Myo through the Armband Manager 2.5. It is recommended, though not required to custom calibrate the Myo armband to the user's gestures
  3. Navigate to the Application Manager and add the virtual-alphabet.lua file and click the "refresh" logo
  4. Open the virtual-alphabet.exe file
  5. Use the double tap gesture to unlock the Myo
  6. Use the fist gesture to enable mouse control and navigate menus
  7. Use the spread fingers gesture to simulate a mouse click and click "play"
  8. Beginning at the yellow tile(s), follow the white tiles to draw the letters, but don't hit the fireballs! Hitting 2 fireballs will reset the level

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