During the Pandemic, getting the same experience in the class room can feel impossible for ... obvious reasons. This web application was design to increase classroom interactivity so that you can get closer to the experience of a classroom safe at home!

What it does

Classes can create servers which contain different text channels the class can use for discussions, bonding, homework help or whatever they feel is necessary. These servers also have features that supports teaching as well! Teachers can post their assignments and set up quizzes as well for the class to practice with in a fun little quiz game.

How We built it

This application is built using React for the front-end and spring boot for the back-end. front-end design was handled using a service called "figma".

Challenges We ran into

Our team members are scattered across time-zones making collaboration more challenging and one of our members experienced a power outage for quiet some time which severely impacted development.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

The UI design turned out to look pretty amazing, we learned and practiced our skills along the way and we created a prototype for a cool project that we could definitely use ourselves.

What We learned

Working with Web Sockets, UI and UX design using figma, developer and tech-stack co-ordination.

What's next for Virtual Academy

Add calendars to help students better plan for their class, fully implement the game section, send file attachments and voice and video call.

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