As students - we wanted a better and gamified medium of education. So, we made one! The main reason we decided to make this project was that we wanted to 'give back' and contribute to education which has given us alot of knowledge all these years

What it does


Education has migrated to digital as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Teachers and students are forced to use video conferencing as their medium of communication. The below are the set of problem statements that our product would be solving,

  • Students especially children don't feel the currently available video conferencing tools to be intresting. They expect gamified content and an indulging experience.
  • Owing to the pandemic, the students are not able to use physical laborotories.
  • The presently available video conferencing solutions does not provide access to teaching tools like white board, options to send quizzes and questions to student etc.,


The proposed solution focuses in making a gamified virtual 3D classroom platform. A teacher can use our web app to create a room and share the room code to the students. The students can enter the classroom and not only do stuff which is possible inside a normal classroom but can enjoy trying the features included inside our platform.

How we built it

With Three.js for rendering 3D models on web, sockets, node and express!

Challenges we ran into

  • Rendering the models into a web canvas was challenging.
  • Adjusting the lighting was really difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We are super proud to have implemented a cool looking virtual lab inside the classroom!

What we learned

  • Time management
  • Intro to three.js

What's next for Virtual 3D Classroom - L3ARN

  • We will try improving the performance and try minimizing the latency.

Built With

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